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Needy Needs NN-BW01 Bedwetting Alarm is a unique bedside device for children or adults who do not want to wear an alarm. This alarm comes with a wide choice of options to awaken a deeply sleeping

The alarm system includes an alarm unit and a sensor pad along with 7 foot cord. The sensor pad is an embossed plastic moisture sensing bed pad, which is placed under the user and the alarm sounds when the pad’s sensor strips detect moisture.


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The latest research on bedwetting shows that between 10% to 20%of children around the age of 5 yrs wet the bed at night. A bed wetting alarm is an effective cure for night time enuresis problems. Many children well into their teens suffer the embarrassment of chronic bed wetting. These alarms re-train the brain to recognize a full bladder and to wake your child up before an accident can occur. Bedwetting alarms are considered the most useful and successful initial way to treat bedwetting. Research has shown these alarms will help more than 80% of children become dry, and most children will then stay dry. This treatment requires a supportive and helpful family and may take 6-8 weeks to work. Alarms have good long-term success and fewer relapses than medication